Monday, 10 February 2014

Midday movie

The weekend before last I stumbled upon this charming little Barbara Streisand comedy that I had never heard of before called 'On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.' It was playing on the ABC at midday and we missed the very beginning of it, but once we found it T & I quickly got hooked. It's a strange little film about a woman called Daisy Gamble who starts seeing a psychiatrist in an attempt to quit smoking.  While she is under hypnosis to try and stop her smoking Daisy starts re-living moments of what seem to be her past lives.

I loved the weird plot line, which was not what I had expected and Barbra is charming as Daisy. The characters also break into song at the most absurd moments I which found quite funny, but I'm not sure if that was meant to be part of the comedy or not. The one thing I really loved about this movie though was the costumes. Daisy seems to wear a different coloured baby-doll dress paired with her gorgeous bouffant hairstyle and a matching hat in almost every scene. The film also features some Georgian and Victorian style costumes, when Daisy re-lives her past lives, but it was the 1960s costumes that I loved best.

The film also stars a very young Jack Nicholson (we barely recognized him at first!) looking very groovy as Tad Pringle...

Young, handsome Jack Nicolson.

   The amazing orange dress.

This dress was my favourite, although you can't see it very well here it was covered in beautiful little applique flowers.

 Daisy can make flowers grow abnormally fast by talking to them.

She also has this amazing bedroom with floral wallpaper that looks lie a Van Gough painting and a nightie that matches her sheets!

More matching hats...

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