Monday, 25 November 2013


I thought I'd share some of the faces that inhabit my walls. These are mostly cards I have collected over the past few years. 

I like to scatter my walls with magazine cut outs, photos and artwork....


 Paul the turkey on the 2013 Brightside Sanctuary calendar. 

"Paul is a favorite resident at Brightside. He loves people and generally spends his days in the carpark and barn where the action is. Paul loves pats and cuddles and if you give him a tickle under the wings he will return the favour by gentley preening your arm."

You can read more about Paul via Brightside's Meet the Animals page.

Happy bear :)

WSPA postcard featuring the rescued bear Rohini.

 Drawing by Valerie Davide. This one caugt my eye in a gallery shop because of the crazy lines and reminded me of my own messy sketches when I used to draw.

Mitsy a little kitten I looked after for some friends while they were away.
She was a stray who adopted them!

Artwork by Adam Cullen. This picture reminds me of my old family pet who was a German Shepherd.

 Artwork by Fiona Hall who had an exhibition recently at the Heide Museum of Modern Art which I sadly did not get to see.

Artwork by Kristina Browning.


  1. Lizzy, these pictures are delightful. I especially like the contour drawing of the horse that flows with movements of its head and mouth. Thanks for sharing these!

    1. Yes the horse drawing is great isn't it!


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