Saturday, 30 November 2013


Today I went out for a long drive as I am currently working towards getting my license (I can't wait to get it, then I'll be able to go on adventures). The day started off a little cloudy but by the afternoon the sun was shining over the sleepy little coastal town we were visiting.

While we were there we had a browse through the shops and I found this lovely little pair of retro, slightly odd looking, Mexican donkey salt and pepper shakers [made in Japan - go figure?] in the antique shop.

I look forward to using them to season my tacos...

Earlier in the week I also went op-shopping and came across a big pile of old fashion & home magazines from the 50s, 60s and 70s. They had quite a few old Vogues and LIFE magazines with missing covers. Even though I like old fashions I decided not to get a Vogue because a lot of them had pictures cut out of them, but also because over the last few years I've grown to greatly dislike fashion magazines for various reasons - and though the old fashions were interesting, they really weren't all that different from the fashion mags of today, content wise.

I ended up choosing this 'Home' magazine from January 1958, which makes for quite entertaining reading. It really is like stepping into a whole other world!

I might do a post about some of the contents another time.

Hope you are having a nice weekend.

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